Chris Murphy · 12 January, 2021

Join the 10,000+ design-focused entrepreneurs that I’ve helped to launch successful businesses and level up their lives.

After two decades as a Senior Lecturer at Belfast School of Art, I’m now focused full-time on my next venture: The School of Design, a community for design-focused entrepreneurs building the businesses of tomorrow.

We are a small, but tight-knit community. We’re learning together and we’re growing together. Above all, we’re supporting each other to reach our goals.

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How it works…

Once you sign up, you'll be invited to join The School of Design’s Slack community.

Our Slack group acts as the backbone for everything: group discussion; course and event announcements; links to new content; and all kinds of opportunities (jobs, both freelance and full-time). Here’s what’s included in membership:

  1. A Vibrant Community (Slack)
  2. Design- and Entrepreneurship-Focused Courses (Zoom)
  3. A Private Library (Notion)
  4. Books (Digital Formats)
  5. Discounted 1:1 Coaching (Zoom)

I also hope to run some Designer Talks, similar to the talks I ran throughout 2020. The full list is on the Designer Talks page, but to give you a flavour, some of the people who spoke last year: Steph Smith, Elliot Jay Stocks, Sarah Richards, Jack Butcher, Tim Van Damme and Meg Lewis…

Our courses are short, sharp – usually 3–5 weeks long – and are focused on helping members to become better designers and thinkers. Our next course is Idea Factories, a five week course on levelling up your thinking.

Courses are only including in the annual membership.